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Todd Greenberg Weighs In On The Daily Telegraph Cover


Todd Greenberg Weighs In On The Daily Telegraph Cover

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has tweeted support for the Bulldogs following a Daily Telegraph article linking a terror suspect to the club.

The article, which was run on the front page of this morning's paper, discusses the findings from a police raid which unveiled a plot to bring down a commercial plane and potentially kill 500 people.

One of the four people accused is described chiefly as a "Canterbury Bulldogs fan" and is pictured in a Bulldogs jersey.

The Bulldogs tweeted the following statement.

STATEMENT | We are extremely disappointed at the article in the Daily Telegraph this morning & are currently investigating the matter today

Greenberg tweeted a reply to this post, throwing his support behind the club.

Certainly disappointing to see the game linked in this way! We should all be working together to talk the game UP & make people proud!