Triple M's Sunday NRL Grand Final Preview

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Triple M's Sunday NRL Grand Final Preview Getty Images

The Triple M Sunday NRL team; Ryan Girdler, Garden Tallis, Paul Kent and Anthony Maroon have given their thoughts on the 2017 NRL Grand Final.

Ryan Girdler believes the Storm will have too much strike power for a busted Cowboys side. 

"What I saw in that game last night was a lot of busted Cowboys and courageous absolutely but I just think this game will be one step to far for them," Girds said. 

Paul Kent agreed with Girds with Kenty saying there is no team that can touch Melbourne. 

"Anywhere that you care to think about, they are dangerous, there's not a flaw there," Kenty said. 

However as always, proud Queenslander and the self-proclaimed 'People's Champ' Gorden Tallis says momentum gives the Cowboys every chance. 

"I think the momentum they've (Cowboys) have gathered, you look at the Western Bulldogs in the AFL last year they came from seventh, and I really do give the Cowboys a chance," Gordie said.  

"They're tough and they will hang in there."

Listen to Triple M's Sunday NRL comprehensive preview of the 2017 Grand Final below.