Update On Hopoate's Injury


Update On Hopoate's Injury

Image: @FOXNRLLive

The Bulldogs have tweeted that Will Hopoate has gone to hospital for treatment after a nasty head clash with Zane Tetevano during Thursday's game against the Roosters.

"Hopoate Update: He has gone to hospital with a severe concussion and a possible fracture. We will keep you all updated. "


The ambulance was spotted by the Triple M call team heading in the direction of the Bulldogs sheds post-match.

Earlier on Triple M

There's been a HUGE head clash late in the second half of the Roosters v Bulldogs game, with Will Hopoate taken straight from the field after bumping heads with Zane Tetevano.

Hopoate's face immediately swelled up, with one eye closed over by the time he made it to the sideline.

"With the concussion rule and head injuries under the microscope, I think that will be the last we see of him tonight," Triple M's Dan Ginnane said.

Tetevano left the field a few minutes later for a concussion check following the contact.