Wayne Bennett Absolutely Rips Into The Sharks Over Jack Bird Treatment

"You have a duty of care"

Wayne Bennett Absolutely Rips Into The Sharks Over Jack Bird Treatment Getty Images

Wayne Bennett has ripped into the Cronulla Sharks over the treatment of Jack Bird, that saw the new Broncos recruit have to undergo a shoulder reconstruction after initially being told assured by the Sharks he was fine.

The Broncos coach didn't hold back telling the Courier Mail, the Sharks didn't adhere to their duty of care. 

“I’m really disappointed in the handling of Jack,” Bennett said.

“We didn’t get any information from the Sharks (about Bird’s injury), we got it from Jack.

“Jack knew he had a problem with his shoulder and it wasn’t going away. They assured Jack there wasn’t a problem.

“He brought up some scans, the pictures were pretty hard to see. The scans were not of high quality, so we got him re-scanned and it clearly showed up that he needed surgery.

“We all have a duty of care to our players, regardless of whether they are moving on. Their contracts don’t expire until October 31 and until that date, regardless of whether they are staying or going, you have a duty of care to them.”

Bennett isn't happy (then again when is he?) at the prospect of having Bird miss the first month of the season. 

“We have lost a lot of time which is unsatisfactory,” Bennett said.

“If this had all been diagnosed and sorted out correctly, Jack would have been right to start the season.

“Our staff followed it up when he complained about it still being sore.

“He was in the same category as Milford. We kept playing Anthony as well and knew the risks, but we also knew he needed surgery as soon as the season ended.

“Jack’s season at Cronulla finished two weeks before Anthony Milford’s but yet he is at least a month behind Anthony.

“Opportunities have been missed. We’re now a long way behind with Jack’s rehabilitation.”