Wayne Bennett Bans Player Protest

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Wayne Bennett Bans Player Protest

Speaking on Triple M's Dead Set Legends, Triple M and the Australian's Brent Read has revealed a conflict arising involving Broncos coach Wayne Bennett and an initiative from the Rugby League Players' Association. Listen to the full report below.

“The players are going to wear green tape as a show of unity for the rugby league players’ association," Ready said.

“So basically Wayne Bennett didn’t know about it and so he’s been asked about it in a press conference this morning and had absolutely no idea. So Wayne just said ‘my players won’t be doing it’.

“They’ve had a meeting tonight to try to get Wayne on board."

Bennett said that he assumed since no one from his squad had approached him about it, there were no plans to participate. 

"I have an issue with that," Bennett said.

"That's the image of the club and that's what I'll uphold every day of the week."

The silent protest is in relation to the RLPA's ongoing pay negotiations with the NRL.

“I think it’s up to the players,” Triple M's Wendell Sailor said.

“It’s a stand of their making, as we’ve seen. I love Wayne, but it’s up to the players from here on in.”