Wendell Sailor Has His Say On The NRL's Drug Scandal


Wendell Sailor Has His Say On The NRL's Drug Scandal

Triple M's Wendell Sailor has weighed in on the drug crisis in the NRL at the moment, saying that he believes there should be harsher penalties.

This follows a week of drama for the NRL, with four players and one club chairman embroiled in cocaine allegations.

Wendell Sailor was suspended for two years for failing an ASADA drug test in 2006.

"My phone has been running red hot for the last week," Dell said. Listen to the full report below.

"People are asking if I'm ticked off by the inconsistencies. I'm not, because I respect the game.

"When you're out of the game for two years, even a year, you understand how important it is.

"Sometimes you think you're above the game, I suppose.

"So when I made that choice on that Wednesday night to go out and party, I didn't deserve to be in rugby league or rugby union or any sport.

"When I came back, I promised myself to make sure I appreciate the opportunities I'd been given on and off the field. So whether on a corporate level or a community level.

"I think as a player you've got to put up your hand, and there's got to be harsher penalties.

"I didn't mind copping the two years, but I reckon two years is quite light for me coming back, because it gave me a second chance to redeem myself."