"We're Convinced This Is For The Betterment Of The Game"


"We're Convinced This Is For The Betterment Of The Game" Getty Images

Short term pain for long term gain?

This seems to be motto from the NRL, after the amount of penalties that have been blown in the opening four rounds of the 2018 season. 

While the media, fans, coaches and players may blow up over the constant calling from the referees, NRL Head of Football Brian Canavan has told Triple M Saturday NRL the way the whistle blowers have refereed so far is for the benefit of the game. 

"We're convinced this is for the betterment of the game," Canavan said. 

Although, Canavan did stress this is an adjustment period and complimented the referees for implementing what has been asked of them by the NRL Competitions committee. 


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