"We've Got Some Concerns"

Peter Sterling On NSW For Origin III

"We've Got Some Concerns"

Blues assistant Peter Sterling has said that the coaching ranks are in damage control after several key injuries over the weekend.

"They just keep limping off!" Sterlo said. Listen to the full report below.

"Apparently Dugan is ok - a bit of bruising and a cork. I don't think there are too many concerns about Duges at the moment. And that's good news, because I think he's been about one of our best players over the series."

In terms of Tyson Frizell, the situation isn't as optimistic.

“We’re just sitting back and waiting to see what these scans reveal," Sterlo said.

"I think Boyd (Cordner) has come out and said that he's confident of playing that game. Those calf injuries can be difficult ones but it's lower down in the calf so it's not up in the middle there where there is real concern. But they're nagging things. You still don't really know until you put that pressure on it.

"I spoke to Laurie on the way down here today and I'd say we'll be having a few different chats. We need to obviously call in and look at a few different people.

"It's a difficult situation but we'll handle it and we'll go up there with a side that will win game three."