"When He First Got To Parra I Thought Oh God"

Hindy Talks Mitch Moses

"When He First Got To Parra I Thought Oh God" Getty Images


Parramatta Eels legend Nathan Hindmarsh was unsure Mitchell Moses could have any type of success at the Eels when the former Tiger switched clubs mid-season. 

When questioned by Triple M and Fox Sports' James Hooper, Hindy revealed he didn't have high hopes. 

"In all honest no, the thing for me it wasn't his attack it was his defence and how are they going to fix his defence," Hindy said.  

"Those first couple of games watching him, he looked poor in defence." Listen to the audio below.

Although Hindy did note Brad Arthur's ability to get the best out of his players has helped Moses and the Eels successes.  

"Brad Arthur has been working with him as soon as he got over there and you can just see the changes in him already," he said.

"He's turned a corner with his defence but when he first got to Parra I thought 'Oh God' what are are we doing here but it quickly changed."