There's More To The Decision To Drop Those Three Panthers Than First Thought

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There's More To The Decision To Drop Those Three Panthers Than First Thought

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It appears that the decision to drop Panthers stars Matt Moylan, Peta Hiku and Waqa Blake is the fruition of deeper issues at the club, with Triple M's Paul Kent telling Triple M Sunday NRL that coach Anthony Griffin said there were a lot more unreported incidences at the club previously. Listen to the full report below.

The Panthers lost to the Rabbitohs by a field goal on Friday night, and the absence of these three players - arguably some of their best on the roster - was certainly felt.

"I spoke to Anthony Griffin last week and one of the things that he said to me that was interesting was that there were a hundred things that had happened (at Penrith) that never got out and he's handled differently," Kenty said.

"He said that this probably wouldn't have gotten out either, except they had to take a stand.

"I don't know what those other incidences were, but it's a constant process where you have to assess and re-assess.

"If it becomes a win-at-all cost mentality where you don't care what they've done wrong, they still have to play this weekend, then what ends up happening is that players become so loose that they end up doing something that is no longer tolerable by the game, and the game will stand them down for an extended period."

Triple M and the Australian's Brent Read said that the decision to drop Moylan was especially significant, given Moylan's history and the fact that he's captain.

"Matty Moylan is an interesting one, because he's a guy who has sailed a bit close to the wind with his discipline off the field," Ready said.

"I think Anthony's hauled him in before and told him he needs to pick up his act a little bit in terms of getting to training and doing the extras and doing all the right things - especially now he's captain.

"When Anthony made the decision to give Matt Moylan the captaincy, he showed a bit of faith in him, and by doing what happened last weekend, that faith hasn't been rewarded.

"This doesn't happen at the Melbourne Storm because they have that discipline, and they have great leaders.

"Matt Moylan is a leader at that football club now, and he needs to do the right thing.

"Matt Moylan may have been the 6 for Australia if Johnathan Thurston is out."