99-Year-Old Philadelphia Eagles Fan Finally Sees His Team Win The Super Bowl

What a great story.

99-Year-Old Philadelphia Eagles Fan Finally Sees His Team Win The Super Bowl Image: Twitter

What a wonderful story this is.

Philadelphia resident Phil Basser, who turns 100 next month, has finally been able to watch his team win their first Super Bowl.

Better known as 'Philadelphia Phil', the 99-year-old rose to fame after being compared to a 99-year-old Vikings fan when the teams clashed two Sundays ago.

"My 99yr old grandpa Phil (turning 100 in march) has lived in Philadelphia since 1918 and has never seen an Eagles Super Bowl," his grandson Josh Potter wrote.

Now Basser, who's religiously followed the Philadelphia Eagles ever since they were formed in 1933 when he was 15, has seen them reach the ultimate success.

He reportedly naps before the game in order to give each match as much attention as he can.

According to Potter, a Philly win in the Super Bowl was the only thing he'd claimed to have never seen.

He has a feel good story behind him, too: Basser lived in a Jewish orphanage after his mother died when he was four and his sister when he was eight.

His father also died just before he was deployed during World War II, in which Basser also served.

He eventually found work in advertising and had four children, 14 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

His wife, Pearl, died last year after 65 years of marriage.

“One could look at my life and see the hurdles and the tragedy,” he told the Philly Voice.

“These were all devastating, but I choose to wake up each and every day seeing the best that life has to offer.”

What a legend.