Judo Fighters Disqualified For Not Actually Fighting

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Judo Fighters Disqualified For Not Actually Fighting Image:

A Judo heavyweight Grand Slam final in Dusseldorf Germany has finished in a double disqualification because both competitors weren’t aggressive enough.

Japanese competitors Hisayoshi Harasawa and Takeshi Ojitani were going head-to-head in the men’s + 100kg final for the gold medal, Nine News reports.

However referee chief Juan Carlos Barcos said the men were both penalised for their dismal attempts to fight.

“Our team deemed this contest unacceptable. There was no intention to fight from either,” he said.

“This is what we decided as there was no judoka worthy of winning in the +100kg final.”

The referee’s decision resulted in a world-first, with no gold medal being awarded - also known as a "double hansoku-make".

Instead, Harasawa and Ojitani each received a silver medals each for their... “efforts”.

You can check out a video of the match below: