Mark Hunt's Huge Statement About His UFC Career

"The end of my career in the UFC"

Mark Hunt's Huge Statement About His UFC Career Getty Images

Mark Hunt is ready to say goodbye to the UFC once his contract ends but not before he gets a world title shot.

The 'Super Samoan' has three fights left on his contract, including his upcoming bout against American Curtis Blaydes at UFC 221 in Perth.

Hunt revealed to the Submission Radio Podcasthe has no intention of fighting for the UFC past his current contract. 

"Well, for the UFC, yeah. That will be the end of my career in the UFC. I have two fights left and that’s it," Hunt said.
"You probably know the path I’ve had with the UFC, but you know, it’s business.
"I haven’t done nothing wrong, I just don’t like to be treated like shit – even if I’m an employee or whatever and I speak my mind about it and, you know, I’ll go from there.
"So like I said, three fights left and I’ll move on."

Hunt also detailed what he plans on doing once his UFC contract expires. 

"I’m looking at going and fighting global fights for New Zealand, Australia and probably Japan," Hunt said.

Although that's not before he attempts to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship of the world. 

"I’m still chasing the dream of that world title. I’m in a good position to get a finish in this fight, beat this guy, then move on to the top end.

"It’s not gonna be easy, but I’ll see what happens and hopefully I get next in line for the world title shot, go from there. So, see what happens."

Listen to Mark Hunt's full interview, where he opens up about steroid use in MMA and being cut from the UFC Sydney on the Submission Radio Podcast below or via the PodcastOne App via iTunes and Android