Mick Fanning’s Irish Pilgrimage

"The goal posts have changed"

Mick Fanning’s Irish Pilgrimage

Mick Fanning may be taking the year off the professional surfing but the break is certainly not keeping him out of the water.

Last month the World Champ hit the headlines by surfing under the Northern Lights off a beach in Norway.

Now, he’s hit the waves in the cold waters of Ireland - however the trip was much more than just a surfing holiday.

Ireland is where Mick's family is from. A tiny, modest town in the north is where his dad was raised. And it's where he feels his roots.

“Last year I went chased my heritage and waves in Ireland! Was an amazing experience with amazing people!,” Mick wrote on Facebook.

The 3-time World Champ is yet to decide if he will return to the World Surfing Tour next year but judging by this video he won’t be short of inspiration.