Nia Jax Champions ‘Inspiring’ Changes Sweeping Female Wrestling

‘It helped step up my game’

Nia Jax Champions ‘Inspiring’ Changes Sweeping Female Wrestling Image: Nia Jax/Facebook

WWE wrestling icon Nia Jax has praised the “inspiring” and diverse mix of female wrestlers that’s emerged from the 2016 rebrand of the Divas Division to the Women’s Division.

Speaking ahead of the WWE Live Australia Tour 2017 earlier this month, the US wrestler told Triple M the Mae Young Classic women’s tournament back in July was one example of the massive changes sweeping across the entire sport.

"Watching the Mae Young Classic, I was sitting front row during most of the matches and most of the filming, it was very inspiring," she said.

"It helped me want to step up my game because there's a lot of girls coming at my heels.

“I think it will show the world that women can do anything, we can definitely go into a main event match and draw some crowds.”


The 33-year-old - real name Savelina Fanene – added that the WWE 2016 rebrand to the Women's Division gave the sport a far greater sense of credibility among fans and wrestlers alike.

"I feel as though times always changed," she added.

"At the time, we had a Divas Division, where the women were portrayed in a different way, that's where the entertainment was.

“And right now in the world of Ronda Rousey’s event in the UFC, or our [US] women's soccer team which is kicking a lot of butt.

“It's just showing that our [WWE] women's division can do the same as all the other women's divisions. It's just the time.”