Vince McMahon Announces The Historic Relaunch Of The XFL

Huge news!

Vince McMahon Announces The Historic Relaunch Of The XFL Image: Alpha Entertainment/Facebook

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has today announced the historic relaunch of his once failed professional American football league, the XFL.

In 2001, McMahon partnered with NBC to launch and rival the NFL with his own WWE-style Football league that despite the hype failed miserably, ceasing after one season. 

However, after the success and interest in ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary on the XFL, McMahon has decided to give pro-football one more crack, with the revamped league to begin in 2020. 

McMahon plans to give fans something they've never seen before from a broadcast standpoint. 

"I don't think people want to see the same thing when they're streaming as they see on television," McMahon said.

"That's boring. I think fans want it shot in a totally different way, and I think there's an immersive opportunity that's more interactive to the game."

While Vince made the historic announcement he also reiterated, unlike in 2001 he will take a very backseat approach leaving it to the "professionals," while also stating there will ben no crossover between the revamped XFL and the WWE. 

McMahon also mentioned the possibility of a number of rule changes different to the NFL, which included no half-time while offering a faster paced game than what the NFL has to offer. 

Watch the full press conference below: