Welcome To The Strange and Barbaric World Of Medieval MMA

Crazy stuff

Welcome To The Strange and Barbaric World Of Medieval MMA Image Credit - M1

No this isn't something from a movie, this is as real as it looks. 

This is the crazy world of Medieval MMA, where the modern world of fighting meets the dark ages. 

It's an MMA-ruled match, where the fighters wear body armour and can use shields and swords during the fight. 

The gimmick was originally used as a filler between fights during events at M1, Russia biggest MMA organisation. 

However, such was the interest from the fans after the first bout, M-1 president Vadim Finkelchtein decided to make it a full-time event and created the Medieval division. 

"I liked the fans' reaction when we did it for the first time in St. Petersburg at M-1 Challenge 50," Finkelchtein told mmafighting.com

"They seemed to really like it. They were impressed and supported the knights.

"So, I thought it was worth continuing. At that time, the knight fight was to fill the pause between the undercard and main card fights."

Beginning in early 2016, the Medieval division now has over 50 fighters who are taking the already crazed world of MMA to a whole other level.