A-League Keeper Slams His Former Club On The Way Out

"Months of lies..."

A-League Keeper Slams His Former Club On The Way Out

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Newly signed Western Sydney Wanderers goalkeeper Vedran Janjetovic has lashed out at his former A-League club, accusing Sydney FC of treating him like he wasn't there and of offering him up to Western Sydney in a bid to get Andrew Redmayne.

In a spectacular rant on his Instagram page on Friday night, Janjetovic denied coach Graham Arnold's claim the goalkeeper had "forced our hand" in seeking a release to join the Wanderers and asserted he'd endured "months of lies".

The 29-year-old's five-year stint with the Sky Blues ended on a sour note last week when he signed with their bitter cross-town rivals.

He got straight into training with the Wanderers despite having been on stress leave for his final month at Sydney, where he'd lost his starting spot to Danny Vukovic at the start of the season.

Responding to a comment on his most recent post that questioned his loyalty, Janjetovic said fans only read "the end product of a certain situation".

"What happened was that 5 years, 3 of those playing every minute of every game, wasn't good enough for some of the coaching staff mate," Janjetovic wrote.

"I wasn't wanted at the club anymore which was out of my control, I didn't have a choice.

"Why do you think that nobody has ever commented on it ?? All the questions just dodged or saying I forced their hand ??

"What's that about lol how does a contracted player force the clubs hand come on.

"In actual fact they made contact to the rivals and told them that they can have me I didnt even know about it."

Janjetovic also claimed Sydney denied a requested move to Newcastle because the club was pursuing a swap deal with Redmayne, who is poised to sign with the table-topping side as Vukovic's back-up.

"Mate after months of lies and being treated like I wasn't wanted there anymore, there's only so much a person can take," he said.

"I did and i said let me go to newcastle instead. You know what they said to me. WHATS IN IT FOR US??

"So in their eyes wanderers had something they wanted and they traded me for it."

Sydney have kept largely quiet about the saga, but Arnold said he never wanted Janjetovic to leave.

"I wanted two No.1 goalkeepers," Arnold said last week.

"Vedran chose to leave and he forced our hand to leave.

"So it's with regret from my side that we have released him, that's all I'll say on it - it's a complicated matter."

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