CONFIRMED: Tim Cahill Signs With Former Club Ahead Of World Cup

"It's an amazing feeling"

CONFIRMED: Tim Cahill Signs With Former Club Ahead Of World Cup Getty

After weeks in the wind, Tim Cahill has signed on with his former club Millwall in a bid to be selected for the Socceroos World Cup squad.

The 38-year-old said the feeling of returning to his first professional club was "hard to put into words" but that he was already excited to get on the pitch.

"It's an amazing feeling," Cahill said. "To finally come home and to join Neil Harris, David Livermore and all the lads will be really special.

"I can't wait to greet the fans, meet my new teammates - it's one of those things where it's meant to be.

"It's hard to put into words. I'm still taking it in now. The first thing I wanted to do when with Neil was to walk on the pitch and in the tunnel and have that feeling again that brings back so many memories.

"Once you go over that white line, you get a nervous sensation back that I had when I was a 16-year-old when I first signed here."


Cahill will join the Championship team for the second time, wearing the No.7 shirt until the end of the season in the hopes of being picked to play for Australia for the fourth time.

The Socceroos legend's new head coach - and also his former teammate - Neil Harris, said he was "really pleased" to welcome him back to Millwall.

“First and foremost, Tim comes with a wealth of experience," he said. "Not just in the footballing world, but for this football club.

"It might have been just over 13 years since he left, but this place doesn’t change. There’s still the same morals and principles and it’s a workman-like football club.

"Tim has been around the world playing, but his attitude, his discipline and his lifestyle hasn’t changed one bit. In so many ways, he is still the kid I used to share a dressing room with years ago."