FIFA Investigating Tim Cahill Over His Sponsored Celebration

Advertised a travel agency

FIFA Investigating Tim Cahill Over His Sponsored Celebration Image: Getty/Screenshot

FIFA is investigating Tim Cahill over allegations he sponsored his goal celebrations in the Socceroos memorable win over Syria on Tuesday night.

Cahill scored both goals in a 2-1 win, with the first in the 13th minute and the second deep into extra time in the 109th minute.

On both occasions Cahill eschewed his normal corner-flag boxing celebration, the first time mimicking an aeroplane and the second time making a T shape with his hands.

The second celebration is being investigated by FIFA after travel agency TripADeal posted a now-deleted Instagram post of Cahill making the T and claiming him as a brand ambassador.

Cahill commented on the photo and tagged the company in a separate post about the game.



The celebration has prompted a probe by FIFA, who have previously come down harshly on similar in-game advertising.

"FIFA is reviewing and analysing the reports from the referees and the match commissioners for all matches in FIFA competitions," a FIFA spokesman said.

"Events which require further attention may be communicated accordingly."

Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner was fined £80,000 for showing off branded Paddy Power underpants when he scored at the European Championships in 2012.