Football NSW Announce Introduction Of A Sin-Bin In Junior Competition

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Football NSW Announce Introduction Of A Sin-Bin In Junior Competition

Football NSW, the state's governing soccer body, have announced a landmark introduction of a 'sin-bin' rule in junior competitions. 

In a letter sent to all Football NSW affiliated clubs, the organisation outlined how they'll introduce 'temporary dismissals' for dissent shown towards a Match Official in the U/16 age group during the 2018 season. 

The email, details the guidelines referees will need to follow if they are to sin-bin a player for dissent. 


  • Any player cautioned for dissent will be shown a yellow card and placed in a temporary dismissal period of 5 minutes.
  • The team will not be able to interchange the player and will continue with one less player for the full duration.
  • The referee will be the sole time keeper of the period.
  • The clock will start once the player has left the field of play.
  • Once the five minutes has expired, the player must wait for the referee to call the player back on the field at an appropriate time. This may slightly extend the dismissal period. 
  • If the player receives another yellow card in the same game, they will be shown a red card as per normal rules. 

This temporary change in rules, is a result of the International Football Association Board (IFBA) attempting to make the 'world game' more enjoyable for ALL involved, including junior referees who are constantly subject to abuse from players, coaches and parents. 

The IFBA first approved the changes in March 2017, with Football NSW to put the new laws to test when the season kicks-off next month.