Mark Bosnich Slams A-League Fixturing, Says Expansion A Must

"It has stagnated a bit"

Mark Bosnich Slams A-League Fixturing, Says Expansion A Must

Mark Bosnich has slammed the A-League’s fixturing, saying that the teams are sick of playing each other three times a season and calling for new clubs to enter the competition.

Bozza appeared on Triple M Sydney’s The Weekenders this morning and spoke about the A-League season ahead of tomorrow’s Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory grand final.

The ex-Manchester United goalkeeper said that the quality of the season has been good but the competition runs the risk of struggling to stay relevant if it doesn’t expand.

“It has [been a good season], in terms of quality-wise on the pitch, the standard’s improved,” Bosnich said.

“In terms of the overall picture of the A-League it has stagnated a little bit.

“Teams playing each other three times, I think people are a little bit… bored in terms of the fact that they’re wanting more teams to come into the league.”

Bozza feels that the A-League could benefit from introducing a promotion and relegation system.

“We want to have a league where teams play each other twice, and you need new blood year in, year out when you have this franchise system because we don’t have a promotion and relegation system,” he said.

“I think people are looking for something a little bit different.”

Bozza also said that the Allianz Stadium pitch is poor but that both teams will have to deal with it.

“[The pitch] will be as much of a factor as the players let it be,” he said.

“It’s gonna be hard for them, [but] it’s kind of like the noise of the crowd — they’re gonna have to ignore it as much as they can.”

Bozza was frustrated that the NSW Waratahs super rugby team wouldn’t move to help the pitch play as well as it could.

“It was very disappointing… I’m sure if it was football in the same position they would have said ‘look ok, we’ll call the game off because we’ll let the Waratahs play their grand final’,” he said.

“But that’s the way it is and we’ve gotta get on with it.”