Sepp Blatter Called Our Soccer Team Fat For No Reason


Sepp Blatter Called Our Soccer Team Fat For No Reason Image: Getty

In a bizarre interview with a Swedish newspaper, disgraced former FIFA boss Sepp Blatter has had an unprovoked weight swipe at our Socceroos.

Blatter - who was banned from all football activities for six years in 2016 - said he saw Australia play at the recent Confederations Cup in Russia.

“They looked like a rugby team,” Blatter said.

“Some of their players were overweight. They need to work out more. They need to run more.”

Blatter was comparing women playing soccer with men when he went on the tangent.

“In some countries, Muslim countries for example, women don’t have the same civil rights as in the Western world,” Blatter said.

“So, football is good for the women. Women want to play team sports as well. What is there to choose from? Basketball, volleyball and handball. Handball is too athletic. Basketball and volleyball? If you aren’t tall, you shouldn’t play. Short, tall, thin and broad: Anyone can play football.”

“In men’s sport it’s different, because the athletes are so big,” he continued.

“Like in the Australian national team.”