Supercar Drivers Warned To Quit Dobbing On Rivals

Officials Fed Up

Supercar Drivers Warned To Quit Dobbing On Rivals

That's it. Enough already.

That's the vibe from race control after their inbox was flooded with more than 80 emails from teams telling on their rivals during the Phillip Island 500.

No less than 8 cars were whacked with penalties for crossing a pit lane line that was never really policed to begin with, ruining their races.

It all began when Team DJR Penske driver Scott McLaughlin was pinged while pushing for victory after a rival team "dobbed" him in.

The tit-for-tat finger pointing that broke out gave officials plenty of headaches as they went over the footage of a long list of alleged rule breaches.

Fed up with all the whistle blowing, Supercars is sending a memo to the teams warning them the LAN reporting system is only to be used for "matters relating to your own team."

Triple M's Greg Murphy told that dobbing was nothing new for the sport.

“It is a tit-for-tat thing. If you get done by something at some stage then you will want other teams to get done for the same thing if they do it too."

"It is a bit of pay back I suppose."

“It is just a part of the competition,’’ Murphy said.

He's called for consistency with rule enforcement after several cars that crossed the pit lane line escaping penalty at Phillip Island.

It's unclear if the dob wars will continue when the action ramps up at this weekend's Perth SuperSprint.

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