What To Watch Out For At Winton

Don't Miss These...

What To Watch Out For At Winton

With plenty to play for in country Victoria this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for these must-sees...


This could be the weekend that makes or breaks the year for Triple Eight Racing.

The Red Bull guys have more or less been on the the back foot and Winton looms as a bogey track for the crew who haven't won here since 2013.


That's the promise from the former Holden Racing Team after long-time boss Adrian Burgess was shown the door.

Chassis issues have hamstrung the Mobil 1 HSV squad but they're confident a restructure in the pits will translate to a more respectable performance on track for James Courtney and Scott Pye.


Simona De Silvestro's learning curve looked steep at the start of the season, but the Nissan girl's return to a circuit she's tested at a number of times should mean she's a contender at Winton.


It'll be the first time De Silvestro's shouldered real expectations meaning anything except a top ten finish could be a disappointment for the highly-rated Swiss steerer.


So far the Shell, Red Bull and Prodrive teams have hogged the wins this season, but could Winton usher a new contender into the title race?

It's not out of the question after Tim Slade surprised just about everyone with a breakthrough pair of wins here last year.

Erebus also took the chocolates when they were running Mercs.


For something different, you'll see some youngsters running around this weekend in new "wildcard" entries.

GRM's James Golding, BJR's Macauley Jones and MWM's Shae Davies all get a slot on the grid.

It could be their one and only audition for a co-drive at Bathurst, or a (faster) seat in 2018.

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