Why Tyres Could Decide The Next Supercars Champion

The Rub On The New Rubber

Why Tyres Could Decide The Next Supercars Champion

There's plenty for Supercar teams to unpack from the Clipsal 500 and a lot of it has to do with the sport's new Dunlop control tyres.

Lap records may have fallen like dominos in Adelaide, but driver and engineers admit they've still got lots to learn.

For one, there are questions to be asked about the tyre's performance and longevity over longer stints.

While they lasted longer around the streets of Adelaide, drivers are unsure if they'll do the same at hard wearing tracks on the calendar.

Shane Van Gisbergen bettered the lap record by 0.6s but is wary.

“It just feels like the car reacts a little differently. The grip level is higher," he told supercars.com

“This is the harder tyre and it sets the quickest time, so that’s impressive. (But) I think it’s definitely a step forward driving-wise or tyre-wise.”

Dunlop's declared the roll-out of the new rubber a success and has promised to work with the teams to help them get their heads around the new compounds.

While the softs were popular in Adelaide, the real test might come in just over a fortnight's time when the Supercars slap on the new super-soft tyres for the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.