10 houseboats destroyed in Moama Fire

Faulty air conditioner to blame

14 December 2017

Article heading image for 10 houseboats destroyed in Moama Fire

There's been a large fire at the DEEP CREEK marina just outside MOAMA which has seen 10 houseboats destroyed.

Emergency services were called to the scene just off PERRICOOTA ROAD around 6pm to find the vessels fully engulfed.


Firefighters from the ROYAL FIRE SERVICE managed to cut the mooring lines on 10 other boats which were anchored at the dock to get them away from the flames.

The fire is not being considered as suspicious at this stage with investigators blaming a faulty air conditioning line in one of the boats for the blaze.

The damage bill is expected to be well into the millions of dollars and there's a full fire investigation underway.

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