102-Year-Old Bloke Reckons The Secret To A Long Life Is A Beer At Exactly 4pm Every Day

BUT it has to be Coors Light

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CBS Denver

A 102-year-old war veteran claims to have discovered the Fountain of Youth - and it pours Coors Light.

Andrew E. Slavonic, who celebrated his milestone birthday on December 1, has become famous for his unusual secret to a long life.

The pensioner from Pennsylvania was interviewed on CBS Denver, where he confirmed that at 4pm every day he sips on a pint of Coors Light, and has done for the last 10 years.

"It's sort of a good flavour," Slavonic said. "I just enjoy it. I love it."

His son Bob told Fox News that his dad had "never had this much attention in his life" and that he stands by his daily tonic.

"He has met various people around town that have come up to him and wanted to shake his hand and ask him if it's really the one Coors Light that keeps him going," Bob said.

"He says it is. We go to the local VFW Post 764 every Friday for dinner and everyone there just loves seeing him and talking to him."

Bob added: "When people ask me about my dad and I tell them that he is going to be 102, they just don't believe that he is that old but only looks like he is in his 70s.

"As time goes on, there are not too many WWII veterans around, especially in Pittsburgh and that drink one Coors Light beer every day at 4pm.

"But, as Jimmy Buffet says, it's 4 o'clock somewhere. Oh wait, make that 5 o'clock somewhere.

"Maybe I need to have a talk with Jimmy and have him do another version of the song for 4pm."

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2 December 2019

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