125 Lockdown Infringement Notices Issued In NSW In The Last 24 Hours

A cause for concern

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In the last 24 hours, an alarming 125 personal infringement notices have been issued in New South Wales. 

Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys has revealed there were many lockdown rule-breakers observed over the weekend with lots of people caught in shopping centres and popular places of business without masks on. 

Police are also noticing more people travelling outside the city area despite being in lockdown. 

“The other activity that we’re sort of seeing a little bit more of is where police find that people are organising an event. One of these was where people travelled out of Bankstown yesterday to the Newnes area which is in the Lithgow LGA with a number of motorbikes and ATVs, to spend time in that area which was clearly contravening the public health order.”

- Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys

The latest trend is a cause for concern given the alarming 35 new COVID-19 cases recorded Monday.

Despite this, Worboys says police were pleased to see the majority of Sydneysiders doing the right thing this weekend with most people leaving the house for essential reasons only. 

Meanwhile, a NSW Health alert has been issued to anyone (including guests, staff and contractors) who attended the Meriton Suites located at 30 Danks Street, Waterloo on any level for any amount of time between 7 pm on Saturday, June 26th to 8 am today, Monday 5th July 

Meanwhile, the NSW Health Minister Brad Hazard has pleaded to the public to rely on their best judgement now more than ever after news of a gathering at the Meriton Suites in Waterloo at the weekend has led to three new COVID-19 cases. 

“We want individuals to feel that they can come forward when they do effectively get it wrong, and very wrong in some cases, but when you hear of parties going on in the middle of a lockdown you’ve gotta say what is the thinking of some of these people?”

- NSW Health Minister Brad Hazard

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New South Wales Newsroom

5 July 2021

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New South Wales Newsroom

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