17 WA Firefighters Sent To Combat Wildfires In Canada

Canada Declares State Of Emergency

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For the next seven weeks, 17 firefighters from across Western Australia will travel to Canada to assist with wildfire emergencies.

It comes after Canada declared a State of Emergency on July 20, when the country was experiencing the worst wildfires recorded in recent years.

Weather Warnings: 

The WA firefighters are being deployed to assist in some of the hardest hit areas, including Ontario and British Columbia.   

Over the weekend, the team of firefighters had their final physical and medical examinations ahead of their trip.

Emergency Services Minister Reece Whitby said,

"Australia has benefited from the generosity of Canadian firefighters in recent years and this dedicated group is helping to return that favour by assisting fellow firefighters to protect communities”.

The firefighters will fly out from Sydney and join with more colleagues from Mexico and the US.


Upon returning home, all Western Australian firefighters will be expected to quarantine for two weeks.

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26 July 2021

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