19-Year-Old Pilot Uses His Dad's Plane To Say What We're All Thinking


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We're not afraid to admit that we get a kick out of seeing bored pilots tracing genitalia - well, let's be frank, it's normally a dick-and-balls combo - across the sky.

But a young pilot in the US has ditched the classic gag in favour of telling COVID-19 exactly where to go and, as usual, it was all caught on FlightRadar24.

"We're just going to leave this here," they wrote in a Tweet with the accompanying flight path traced in bright green.


According to the Washingtonian, the pilot responsible for the rather blunt flight was 19-year-old Greggor Hines, who took an hour and 15 minutes to trace the phrase out over Maryland in his dad's plane.

"We'd just got a new compass in the airplane and I just had to c heck it out somehow," he told the paper.

He added that he settled on "F*ck COVID-19" as it help to "express how he felt".

Same, Hines. Same.

Plane fans have taken to Twitter to compliment the youngsters "efficient aerial penmanship", which you can watch in the map video below.


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1 May 2020

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