20 People Hospitalised after Gas Leak at Tassal Salmon Facility

Tassal Processing Plant Shut Down

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Fire crews were called to the Huon Valley facility at around 11:30am on Sunday to deal with a leak of Carbon Monoxide.

Barry Bones from the Tasmanian Fire Service said they're fairly certain the leak came from the forklift inside the salmon processing facility, but are working with WorkSafe to determine the actual cause was.

He said, "people had evacuated the building" but some people had presented "respiratory illness" and "had been vomiting".

Bones also said, "A few people started to present with more illness and that's a classic way this gas affects people.”

WorkSafe attended the Strathblane site, telling reporters it would continue to investigate this further. 

Around twenty people in total were affected.

Tassal Salmon Facility Gas Leak:

At this stage, all patients are stable, with three patients being admitted to the Royal Hobart Hospital overnight.

The others were discharged but will continue to receive treatment throughout today.

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31 May 2021

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