2020 AFL Grand Final Could Be Held In Sydney Due To Victoria's COVID-19 Crisis

ANZ Stadium is a frontrunner

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Sydney's ANZ Stadium has emerged as a potential host for the 2020 AFL Grand Final.

This comes after all Victorian football clubs were forced to leave as the state entered stage three restrictions again, due to a second wave of the coronavirus.

Queensland and New South Wales are currently playing host to all the 18 teams.

veteran AFL reporter, Caroline Wilson, spoke on Channel 9's Footy Classified saying, "I think there’s every chance now the Grand Final will leave Victoria.

“Sydney is framing as the favourite at the moment. Obviously, this would be fantastic for the AFL’s push into the northern markets.

“ANZ Stadium seems to be the ground. They were going to tear the stadium down and reconfigure it again. That hasn’t happened for financial reasons.

“Sydney have made a strong push, and Sydney are the flavour of the month with the AFL at the moment, because they’ve done the right thing by the AFL, in letting the players move into Sydney and keeping the AFL season.”

However, Collingwood president & host of Triple M's The Hot Breakfast host disagreed.

"The economic impact of having a Grand Final anywhere outside of Victoria for a one-off season is big money. Don't forget, if we can get 75,000 into ANZ Stadium or 60,000 over in Perth, you're talking about what could be an extra $50 million coming back in.

"If you think you can get all the corporates, all the signage, you get the crowd, the TV and the full parade up there, then they're going to push."

The last time the AFL Grand Final was not played at the MCG was in 1991 and before that, it was during World War II.

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Amber Lowther

9 July 2020

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Amber Lowther

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