21 Year Old Driver Narrowly Escapes Train Crash Within Seconds

Unfortunately The Car Wasn't As Lucky

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At around 6:50am this morning July 7, a car travelling west along Hudson Street in Spotswood stalled over train tracks.

The 21 year old green P plate driver who tried to restart the 2010 model vehicle quickly noticed an outbound train from the city heading towards him.

Train and Car Crash In Spotswood: 

With only 15 seconds to spare, the driver made a rapid decision to ditch his car and signal to the train conductor from the side of the road.

The train driver immediately applied the brakes, but the 50 metre distance was not enough to save the train from colliding into the car.


Once the very damaged car was towed away, the train moved to a nearby station where passengers were let off.

Fire Rescue Victoria was called to the scene and reported no people being trapped or injured from the incident. 

Police and Metro Trains representatives are now investigating the circumstances of the collision. 

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7 July 2021

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