40 Years a Firey

Congratulations Jim McIntosh

24 June 2018

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Forty years in any job is an outstanding effort - Forty years putting wet stuff on hot stuff is truly remarkable. 

Jim McIntosh started in Norseman as a Volunteer - Underage, before signing up to the Fire Service in Kalgoorlie Boulder. 

Jim had a very tough first week on the job while training, however has bounded back and been a true fighter not only of flames and fire but life.

The first major fire for Jim was the Commercial Hotel on Hannan Street. After he helped put the fire out, then played a game of Basketball after losing around 8 pounds during the day. 

A massive part of representing Firefighters across Australia, he was front and centre in Canberra in gaining Presumptive Legislation for Cancer in Firefighters after going through his own personal journey. 

He bleeds blue and white, has seen plenty of changes over the years and was a Bench Press champion at one stage!

Jim McIntosh.... Thank you for 40 years in an industry where you put your life on the line with every call of the phone. 

Enjoy the chat below. 

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