40 Years Ago Today, INXS Played Their Very First Gig

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16 August 2017


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The 16th of August, 1977, marks a massive day in music for two very good reasons.

  1. It was the day the music died, in the form of the sudden and tragic death of The King, Elvis Presley
  2. It marks the day that INXS played their debut gig as The Farriss Brothers, at a house party in Whale Beach, Sydney

Garry Gary Beers, bassist for INXS, puts it succinctly.



Amazingly, we've been scrolling through Youtube where we found this. A recording of that very first gig at Whale Beach (well, that's what the page is telling us - there's a bit of murmuring online to suggest that it could be from a 1979 gig at the Alley Cat Wine Bar in North Sydney, but either way, it's a pretty early recording.)



It showcases the band as a raw, yet immensely talented group of musos who would, only 10 or so years later, sit at the very top of the rock and roll world. INXS' work ethic was famous, and once they became INXS in 1979, they made a concerted effort to tour the world relentlessly and take the music to the masses.

Tragically, as we all know, INXS' Michael Hutchence also left the building way, WAY too soon. We think it's appropriate to share this little bit of gold from 1995. Hutchence doing Elvis' Baby, Let's Play House for an Elvis Presley TV special.



Written by: @dantheinternut


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