5 Reasons Why You Need Some Solid Shut Eye

Sleep is not for the weak!

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Let's talk about SLEEP! Are you getting enough? Lack of sleep can really turn us into a less appealing version of ourselves while also harming our mental and physical health. Now that Christmas holidays are upon us, there's no better time to reset your sleeping pattern than now with Pacific Sleep. Kick off 2021 well-rested and ready to take on the new year. Did you know a good night's sleep can help:

Reduces mood swings

Sleep deprivation is never good for your overall health and wellbeing. But did you know that not having enough sleep can really affect your mood? This might see you feeling irritated, angry, frustrated and can contribute to depression. Making sure you're getting enough sleep can really help your mood stabilise. 

Helps with high blood pressure and heart disease

Lack of sleep can increase your chances of high blood pressure and is linked to heart disease. Honing in on your sleep quality and how many hours you're getting a night can really help reduce the chance of these conditions from coming on. Resetting your sleep patterns has never been more important!

Recovery from illness

Have you ever been sick and woken up feeling much better? Sleep helps with that! Our bodies always know what we need and sleep is so important for recovery. It can also help you recover much faster, so it's important to rest when you're feeling under the weather!

With weight loss

Our metabolism slows while we sleep and we burn calories! Not only that, but Pacific Sleep warns that not sleeping means we can end up eating more and in turn, we increase our calorie intake. Consider sleep as part of your routine alongside diet and exercise!

Improve relationships

Have you ever had a bad nights sleep only to get angry at your loved ones or overreact? Relationships don't come without hard times and stress, but it's being able to work through those things with a sound mind that helps. And let's be real, getting enough sleep makes us a better person! 

Are you having trouble with snoring or staying asleep?

If you find yourself waking up at night from snoring or trouble breathing, it could be a condition like sleep apnoea, which can be easily treated with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy (CPAP). Not only can it improve your overall sleep quality and stop snoring, CPAP therapy;

  • improves your blood oxygen saturation levels
  • reduces your risk of developing chronic and fatal health conditions
  • supports your vital organs, particularly if you’ve got previous history of heart attack, stroke or high blood pressure

If you need help with any sleep conditions or advice to get a good nights rest, check in with a sleep specialist at Pacific Sleep and book a sleep assessment.

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23 December 2020

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