5 Selfless Things You Can Do In Townsville This Valentine's Day

Don't be a hater this Friday

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You’re either a lover or hater of February 14, but here’s some stuff you can do this Friday while you’re trying to avoid the abundance of flowers and teddy bears deliveries in the office.


Roll up your sleeve and make an appointment to donate Plasma at Townsville’s Lifeblood Townsville Donor Centre. You can book an appointment online, in person, or on 13 14 95. Giving Plasma helps others in a number of ways including those impacted by burns, cancer, blood loss, diseases and more.


Townsville City Council have halved the price of adoptions on animals at the Animal Care and Adoption Centre. If your household can give love to an animal needing a home and you're able to adopt, that’ll be a great gesture this Valentine’s Day!


There’s an endless number of charities and community groups around Townsville that will happily take on new faces! Giving your time will be 100 times more appreciated than a bunch of flowers, and you may just find a new hobby!


Sadly more and more reports state the lack of visitors that elderly people see in retirement homes. Take some time to pop down to a local location and spend a moment talking with those who won’t have a lot of company this Valentine’s Day.


A random act of kindness is welcomed on any day of the year. On V-Day though, it can be a small cost or totally free for you to do! Shout a coffee for the next person in the coffee line, hold a door open for someone, give someone at work a compliment on their outfit- the options are endless!

See, you don’t have to moan and groan about Valentine’s Day and the influx of roses taking up the office, you can spread the love too, in your own way.


Triple M Townsville

11 February 2020

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Triple M Townsville

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