5-year-old Entrepreneur Crafts a Name for Herself

She's selling goods for pocket money

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Think back to when you were 5 years young. Were you playing in the backyard or inventing story lines for your toys? Mucking around driving your family crazy?

Well 5-year-old Lucinda Dumont has a love of making bracelets, greeting cards and anything crafty.

So much so that she have decided to sell them to share their passions with Bundy and build up some pocket money.

Standing behind the tables at HSG at the Gardens to sell her homemade crafts.   along with fellow homeschool kids in Bundy,

Named the Homeschool Artisan Market, Mum Lauren Corvino put the word out to other keen homeschooling families to set up stalls and share their kids' creations with the community.

JB and Jules met the incredible Lucinda and Lauren on the show, take a listen:

Do you have a spot for Lucinda's next Crafty Little Chilli stall? Get in touch with us via Facebook!

24 September 2020

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