50 metre swimming pool to be refurbished

at an estimated cost of $1.735m

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City of Mount Gambier will refurbish the 50 metre outdoor pool at the Aquatic Centre to ensure it is compliant with contemporary standards and provide an additional 15 years of use. The decision follows a report presented to a Special Council Meeting on 3 June 2019.

Council considered five confidential items relating to the Community and Recreation Hub project at the meeting. The reports were considered in confidence so as not to impact on Council’s commercial position when seeking bids to undertake the work.

“The matters were addressed to provide certainty for the architects as they work towards finalising the detailed design of the hub,” City of Mount Gambier CEO Andrew Meddle said.

One of the reports outlined the condition of the existing Olympic-size swimming pool at the Aquatic Centre and options for refurbishment.

“What has become clear upon further investigation is that without improvement works, the older pool will look very much the poor relation to the Community and Recreation Hub and would not be compliant with contemporary standards,” Mr Meddle said.

“This was not considered as part of the bids for capital State and Federal Government Regional Growth funding for the hub, as the funds are only applicable to the construction of new major infrastructure.”

Council endorsed a standalone project at an estimated cost of $1.735million to bring the pool up to modern standards and provide an additional 15 years of use.

As part of the project:

  • The pool will be lined with a steel surface and an additional liner which will sit within the existing concrete shell,
  • The pool deck will be lifted and the depth of the pool will be increased to enable diving for racing to occur at both ends,
  • The pool will utilise the new heating, filtration and pump system proposed for the indoor facility, reducing maintenance, and
  • Works will enable the redeployment of the wood burner to an alternative site.

Council’s CEO said undertaking the works in conjunction with the development of the new hub will see a reduction in disruption for residents, cost savings from joining the works together and an improvement in the operating costs for the old pool.


The alternative would be to leave the community with an ageing facility, with limited accessibility and functionality and the knowledge that works would need to be undertaken at some stage in the future, causing further disruption and increased costs to retrofit a solution. - City of Mount Gambier CEO Andrew Meddle


"While the works are expected to cost some $1.7million, this has been foreseen through the Council’s asset management work and a budget provision of $6.5million has previously been in Council’s long term financial planning for refurbishment of the 50 metre pool in 2030. The current proposal capitalises on the strong financial position that the Council is in, accelerates the intended asset renewal and prevents reactive and potentially very difficult repairs."

“The works will not significantly impact on Council’s financial position, but will improve its asset sustainability ratio. The latter is of importance as it demonstrates the Council’s commitment to replacing things before they wear out and to continuing to invest in its existing infrastructure as well as the hub project.”

Mr Meddle said the refurbishment demonstrates Council’s commitment to deliver a high quality recreation precinct for the use and benefit of all in the local community.



Ewan Grant

18 June 2019

Article by:

Ewan Grant

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