7 TV Moments More Awkward Than The Oscars Snafu


28 February 2017

Yes, yes. We know. That whole Oscars debacle with the wrong Best Picture being announced was totes awks.
But is it THE most awkward moment in history?
7. Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Video at the 2009 MTV Awards. Even Queen B looks uncomfortable! 
"Taylor, Imma let you finish..."
6. Steve Harvey announcing Miss Colombia as Miss Universe in 2015... when it was actually Miss Philippines. 
I mean, Oscars is one thing, but the swimwear contest is a whole other ball game!
5. Justin Timberlake #freeing the nipple for Janet Jackson during the 2004 Superbowl Halftime Show. One of the earlier wardrobe malfunctions to go viral. 
4. Channel 9 sports reporter Tony Jones inviting Bec Judd round for a barbecue and her curt... "No thanks".
Did we mention this all went down on live TV!
3. Tony Jones at it again going in for a pash on Bec Judd's last night on the news before heading off on maternity leave. Tony, you're killing us!

2. Another Oscars fail.
This time from 2014 with seasoned actor John Travolta stumbling and mumbling his way through his introduction of Frozen's Idina Menzel. Reckon you'd glance over the auto-cue before getting up there Trav? Bet he's wishing we'd all just... let it go.
1. And of course...
No one can beat the original 'wrong-winner' announce.
Sarah Murdoch butchering the winner of the first season of Australia's Next Top Model 2010. Still makes us cringe! I wonder if she still feels sick...

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