70 Year Old Richard Branson Makes It To Space And Back

To Infinity And Beyond

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Richard Branson’s roundtrip trip to space looks like our next bucket list activity.

The Virgin Galactic rocket plane that disassembled during a test flight in 2014 killing one pilot and injuring the other, did not deter Branson from flying his white space plane Unity to the edge of the earth on Sunday July 11. 

Rocket Plane Makes It To Space And Back:

Branson 70, and five of his crew from Virgin Galactic took around an hour to complete the entire flight.

While live streaming the event, they showed off their very cool moments of experiencing zero gravity.


Virgin Galactic has already over 600 reservations for the trip, tickets costing $334,000 each.

Blue Origin will also be testing a flight to space from Texas on July 20.

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12 July 2021

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