88-year-old Finds Fame on Tik Tok App

We swear you'll wanna download the app!

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Tik Tok. Once upon a time, it's what we used to say to mimic the clock. Now, it's a singing, dancing, stupid pranking video platform the kids are on these days. Don't we sound old?

But before you click away, we've found one amazing reason to give Tik Tok a chance.

Her name is j-dog, she's American, she has a following of 1.4 million users and did we mention she's 88 years old?

The octogenarian uploads hilarious videos capturing her everyday life and presumably has a tech-savvy relative filming to help her out.

Ever so sassy, JB & Jules' favourite video of @its_j_dog hits a nerve for anyone that's ever tried to grow a plant - or enjoys laughing.

We dare you to watch her plant tour and not laugh:


11 June 2020

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