9 Tips To Make Sure Your Family’s Staying Connected Online

Rely On Your WiFi!

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If there's one thing we all learned while trapped indoors, working and learning from home, your internet was as just as exhausted as you!


With all of the online streaming, facetiming and zoom meetings, there would be nothing worse than losing connection at a time like this, so here are some tips from our friends at Telstra Shepparton for you to consider, to ensure your family is staying connected in more ways than one.

#9. Move your modem to a central point

Sometimes, moving your modem to the very centre of your home can help supply a strong signal from every corner of the house!


#8. Make sure your modem is well above the floor

If you have your modem down below your desk, try moving it to a higher location, but keep in mind, too close to the ceiling will also weaken your signal and there’s nothing worse or more dangerous than having to climb onto a benchtop or table to get a couple of bars reception.

#7. Ensure your modem isn’t hidden behind thick walls or solid objects

If your modem is hidden behind a thick wall, your signal may only be reachable from that one location. Try shifting it to an open space with no walls and solid objects to block your connection.

Actual footage of your WiFi hitting the wall.

#6. Get the most out of your Wifi 

Speed test your modem - You may find areas where the Wi-Fi is not as strong as it can be and move it to the best location.

#5. Check for interference

You may not know this, but having other electrical devices surrounding your Wi-fi can affect the strength of your connection!


#4. Turn the modem off. Then on.

A simple reboot can noticeably increase your W-Fi speed. (Leave it off for 5-10 seconds.)

#3. Use the Telstra app

The Telstra Home Dashboard can help you to isolate the problem and show you new ways to improve your Wi-fi.

#2. Update your modem

Maybe it’s been a while since you treated yourself to a new Wi-fi modem? It might be time for an upgrade and the latest and greatest in Smart Modems can maximise performance to strengthen your coverage.

#1. Consider a Wifi booster

Boosters, such as Telstra’s Smart Wi-Fi Booster, are great for stretching your coverage throughout the entire house, especially if your house has multiple rooms! Boosters can help to eliminate buffering when you’re streaming your favourite Netflix series, blackspots in the home and for all of you gamers, it will reduce lag time with online gaming.


So, there you have it! Quick and easy tips for making the most of your home Wi-fi and ensuring your loved ones are always staying connected!

The world is quickly changing but out friends at Telstra are providing updates and information on their Telstra Exchange Blog, Facebook Page or contact your local Shepparton Telstra stores and Telstra Business and Technology Centres (1300 822 236) to better understand how Telstra can help you and your business.

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26 May 2020

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