90 People Quarantined After Positive Cases Discovered Onboard Tassie Cruise Ship

All are deemed close contacts

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At least 90 people from a Tasmanian cruise ship have been sent into quarantine after two positive cases were discovered onboard.

Both passengers and crew members are among the approximately 90 people who have been quarantined for seven days after cruise ship in Tasmania was found to have been carrying Covid positive passengers.

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Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch has emphasised that the Covid cases on the ship will not impact the general public after the crew followed the necessary safety protocol.

Dr Veitch said 30 crew members along with 60 passengers had submitted PCR tests and are currently waiting for their results.

Despite the crew following the necessary protocol, health officials have revealed that there was still “significant exposure”.

After assessing the activities undertaken by the positive cases and the safe plan of the cruise ship, the decision to send almost 100 people into quarantine was made by Public Health.

Dr Veitch announced in a statement that due to the proximity of the crew and passengers of the cruise ship, “there was a high risk of transmission”.

“The nature of its operation and proximity of passengers and crew meant there was significant exposure of passengers and crew to the cases in an environment where there was a high risk of transmission,” he said.

“The domestic cruise ship was operating in line with agreed protocols that enable the operation of domestic cruise ships in Tasmanian waters with requirements that need to be complied with.”

All of the 90 passengers and crew in quarantine are now required to quarantine for seven days.

If a negative result is returned early, they must still remain in quarantine for the full seven days; if a positive result is returned, they must participate in a PCR test.

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Georgie Marr

4 January 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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