A famous breed of pancakes will land on the Coast this weekend

And they wobble!

8 November 2017

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As Gold Coasters, we love a sugary trend from our foodie friends overseas. Especially, when it becomes available right on our door step. 

From this Sunday, Harajuku Gyoza in Broadbeach, is the next in line in it's 7 stores to receive a batch of their famous Japanese Soufflé Pancake. 


But it won't stay on the menu for long.

For four weeks only, the super fluffy cloud-like pancake souffle will send our social media feeds into a spin. 

"It's kind of like eating a cloud covered in Nutella sauce and bananas"

- Andy Wang - Harajuku Gyoza Manager. 

The insta-famous dessert is branded individually with a hot ironed logo making them stand out from the crowd. 

But what happens when they land on the plate, is when the magic truly occurs. 

It's a very difficult recipe to rise and stay risen, but when they do, we throw them straight on the plate and then they start to wobble.

- Andy Wang - Harajuku Gyoza Manager

At just $18 a stack, wobble into store soon, because they won't last for long. 



When: Sunday 11th November for four weeks only

Where: Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach


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