A Former Detective Breaks Down The Cleo Smith Case

How the public helped find Cleo

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After the discovery of four-year old missing WA girl Cleo Smith, there are still many questions that are yet to be answered about Cleo’s discovery. 

To answer some of these questions, former detective inspector and associate professor at Bond University Australia, Dr Terry Goldsworthy joined Spida & Flan to chat about the case. 

Goldsworthy uses his 28 years of experience to breakdown certain aspects of the case including how the public contributed to the discovery of the four-year-old, how detectives movements within the first 24 hours impacted the investigation and how many detectives were deployed to help find Cleo. 

Tune into the full chat below…

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Georgie Marr

4 November 2021

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Georgie Marr

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