A Hassle But Just A Hiccup

An Update On Cargate.

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By now you might have seen that my car was smashed into on Friday night in Bunbury, bummer.

It's a hassle however I do realize our plight is far from the worst compared to what others have had to endure.

Let me answer a few questions that have been raised with me over the last few days:

No, I didn't report it to the cops, thay have far more to deal with than a busted car window.

No, we won't claim on insurance, with a $500 excess it's an even bigger headache after they put the premium up. Seems to me the insurance companies will always take the money but giving it back is not so easy for them.

Do I wish bad karma on the person or people who did it? Karma takes care of things in the end.

Why did I put the post up? Look at me, look at me? Poor me? Nope, I really do hope whoever was responsible will figure it's wrong to damage other people's property and learn a lesson, and make changes.

If by any chance you know anything give the perpertator a kick up the bum and tell them to straighten up, there are plenty of places to get help one way or the other.

Finally, a huge thanks to those who messaged with offers of help, it's very much appreciated.

Big thanks to my mate Phil Napoli who stepped up first thing this morning to get the car fixed, and kudos to his colleague Dean who offered a bit of a laugh amidst the trials when he said "what a low act, leaving a bloody Dockers towel on the seat!"

You've got to laugh..............


5 November 2018

Article by:

Cliff Reeve

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