A List Of The Unhealthiest Places In QLD Has Been Released

Is your town tipping the scales?

Amy Drew

29 January 2018

Amy Drew

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It's the title no town wants but sadly for Mackay, they're being recognised as the 'unhealthiest' region in Queensland.

Ahead of World Cancer Day next month, Cancer Council Queensland have released a list of the heaviest communities across the state, as reported in the latest 'Progress in Australian Regions' report.

A whopping 83.4 per cent of Mackay's adult residents are considered to be overweight or obese, up from 72 per cent a decade ago. While, obesity rates in Townsville have increased faster than any other region in Australia over an eight-year period.

Cairns is the healthiest region, with only 51 per cent bulging above average.

Cancer Council QLD CEO Chris McMillan said up to a third of all cancer cases could be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices.

"Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables and lower your consumption of sugars, processed meats and unhealthy fats to improve your diet," she said.

List of unhealthiest Queensland regions*:

1. Mackay - 83.4% (of adults are overweight or obese)
2. Fitzroy - 73.1%
3. Wide Bay - 70.1%
4. Townsville - 64.6%
5. Toowoomba - 63.3%

*Yearbook 2017, Progress in Australian Regions, Australian Government, Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development, and Cities.

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