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Check Your Heaters!

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Things are cooling down across Australia which, for many of us means the Ugg boots, the electric blankets and the gas heaters are coming out, but this also means that we need to stay vigilant to ensure our families are safe and warm. 

Local Mum Vanessa Robinson, has used her tragic story to establish a national foundation in loving memory of her two sons Chase and Tyler in an attempt to raise awareness for carbon monoxide poisoning. 


In 2010, on a cold winters day, Vanessa and her two boys decided to chuck on the gas heater. Unfortunately, Vanessa woke to find that eight year old Chase and six year old Tyler had died of carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a faulty gas heater. 

Fortunately, Vanessa survived the ordeal but was hospitalised for close to two months and now has permanent disabilities. 

On the 9th anniversary of the tragic passing and Vanessa has posted this heartfelt plea to all Australians... 

It is incredibly difficult to live each day without your children, which is an understatement to say the very least. The day my children died, the old me also died (I can say this for my ex-husband as well). Life as a bereaved parent for me is like Groundhog Day, with the years blending into one long year. I am lucky that I have my work though honestly, I am still having to push myself each and every day.

- Vanessa Robinson - The Chase and Tyler Foundation

If you are going to use gas heaters to heat your home, you need to remain aware of the potential dangers. CO spillage is undetectable, you can't see it, smell it or taste it which makes it a deadly silent killer. 

If you think you may have been exposed to CO, you may notice symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, burning eyes, confusion, drowsiness, loss of consciousness and other flu-like symptoms. 

So make sure you are keeping yourself and the family warm but safe, check each appliance regularly and if in doubt, keep it switched off! 






Georgie Marr

31 May 2019

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Georgie Marr

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